Need continues as foster home numbers drop

A rapid decline in available foster parents in the city has forced the agency responsible for foster care to appeal to the public for more assistance.

The number of foster homes in the Edmonton area has decreased by more than 100 over the past two years, down from 853 to 739, while the number of foster children in need has remained steady.

“It’s different times for us in that we have a growing population but we have a decline in support,” said Rick Semel of Child and Family Services. “This has been the first time we’ve seen a decline like this so we want to catch it before it becomes a crisis.”


He said they’ve never had to make an appeal to the public before, but a combination of some foster families retiring or adopting their foster children with an increase in the number of working parents has caused the decline in available homes.

“There are misconceptions on what it entails to be a foster family and the real values and benefits of being foster parents as well,” he added.

The agency is looking for a variety of interested residents, ranging from single adults to large families.

Those interested in becoming a foster parent are asked to call 496-3546 or visit

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