Rough flight forces plane to land in Calgary with 10 injured onboard

todd korol/reuters


Emergency crews surround an Air Canada plane at the Calgary International Airport yesterday after 10 passengers were injured when the plane pitched suddenly en route to Toronto from Victoria.

Chaos and confusion shook the Calgary International Airport yesterday morning as an Air Canada plane had to make an emergency stop in the city.

Ten passengers were injured, six seriously, when a plane en route to Toronto from Victoria experienced unconfirmed difficulties, causing an unscheduled landing in Calgary where 11 ambulances and 20 firefighter vehicles awaited.

The injured passengers were rushed to three area hospitals when they arrived with what officials thought were serious, life-threatening injuries.

Dr. Rob Abernethy, the CHR associate chief medical officer, told reporters there were no patients suffering life-threatening injuries.

“Most of the injuries are the soft tissue, orthopedic, minor type. These are mostly musculoskeletal injuries one would normally see if someone was bounced around or had fallen,” he said.

A total of 83 passengers and five crew members were on the flight when the plane began shaking violently near Cranbrook, B.C. One passenger, sitting in the plane’s front cabin, said everything happened really fast.

“One side of the plane just went up a little bit sideways and then it just sort of went back down. And our friend was really hurt … she flew up and hit the ceiling and came right back down,” she said.

Another passenger said all she could see were bodies flying everywhere.

While Air Canada won’t comment on what happened, a spokesperson confirmed there was an “incident” aboard Flight AC190.

Reports have indicated passengers on the flight were told the on-board flight computers shut down and the pilots were going to have to land the plane manually.

Calgary Airport Authority spokesperson Bryce Paton said air traffic and flights to and from Calgary International Airport during the incident were not affected by the diversion.

Bumpy ride

  • On the website, a minute-by-minute flight tracking site, it showed 32 elevation movements of roughly 6,000 feet within a 17-minute time period while tracking AC190.

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