Mayoral candidate Don Koziak admitted Thursday that he would have faced strong opposition in the race for the city’s top seat so he has decided to throw his hat into the Ward 2 councillor race instead.

“I just could not see a scenario in which I would emerge the victor in an increasingly crowded picture,” Koziak said. “I entered this campaign because there was an absence of strong and fair leadership in this city. The events in the last two days have convinced me that my talents and passions would be best deployed in a bid for city council in Ward 2.”

Koziak said he’s disappointed in Ward 2 incumbent Kim Krushell’s stance on shutting down the City Centre Airport and, if elected, he will fight to keep the airport open and even increase traffic.

“Legal technicalities aside, council has decided to ignore the wishes of at least 73,000 citizens who want a say in the future of the City Centre Airport,” he said. “Those disenfranchised citizens deserve a voice.”

Koziak said he’s still in the process of racing campaign funds and hopes that Envision Edmonton will back him as a candidate in Ward 2.

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