Evergreen Technologies of Vancouver has installed the first solar wind turbine lighting system in an airport application. The off-grid hybrid installation, now supplying power to light a pumping station at Vancouver International Airport, is the first installation of its kind at an airport in Canada.

The company completed the hybrid lighting system project in collaboration with Vancouver Airport Authority and Nav Canada. The project consists of an Innoair 1000 wind turbine and an InnoPV photovoltaic panel, which together are expected to generate approximately 2,000 kW/hrs of energy annually.

“This project results in the reduction of 1.8 tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually,” says COO Michael McLennan.

The use of wind power not only has high environmental value, but also has the potential to reduce an airport’s reliance on the power grid.

The project also fits within the mandate of the BC Energy Plan, which lays out an ambitious target to acquire 50 per cent of BC Hydro's incremental resource needs through conservation by 2020.

Power generated at the lamp standard, which is visible from the Canada Line and Grant McConachie Way, is being monitored through a software program that records all energy production.

Future projects may include larger, five to 10 kW wind turbines and will also be designed to create public awareness and acceptance for renewable energy sources.

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