Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez have a great deal in common — they are both beautiful women, they are both box office gold and they both demand strong female roles.

Never more so than in new Robert Rodriguez movie, Machete.

Rodriguez points to one scene in particular which she says embodies that combination of toughness and sexiness saying: “I like her scene with the stiletto heel, sticking it in the guys eyeball.


“Dude, I’ve been waiting for that moment. I’ve always wanted a 007-moment like that, where the chick takes off the metal heel and, I don’t know, presses a button and it shoots out in between somebody’s eyeballs or something, but that’s very close.”

Toughness, sexiness and not a little sociopathy perhaps. It’s a choice to play those kind of roles, Alba points out, adding: “We try not to feed into the typical stereotype of the victim ditsy chick.

“Like, oh my god, you’re so hot,” — the latter line delivered in a comic Californian accent.

The only downside to demanding these kind of roles is that it can get expensive.

“It means not working”, she says “and it also means not getting paid the same. It’s a choice.”

But the choice to work with Robert Rodriguez on Machete and not getting paid a lot was an easy one, because he “gets it” both women confirmed.

Rodriguez adds: “He gets strong women. He understands how to take your attributes and exploit them appropriately. If a girl shows a little sign of intelligence, exploit that.”

Rodriguez, with her heart on her sleeve as usual, adds: “I’m tired of the idea that I have to be a representative of some sort to the fashion world”

No freebies, please

As a well-known actress, you get sent a lot of free clothes and jewelry, but companies that do so won’t see much live advertisement in Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez.

“I stopped taking free shit, because I realized it was such a waste”, says Rodriguez, “none of it is my taste, people don’t know anything about me, they don’t know what I like. It’s so horrible. Sometimes I’m like ‘Wow, people actually wear this stuff?”

Alba adds: “But I have 13 cousins that really like it,”

“But after a while of giving it away to friends and family, even they didn’t start liking the stuff that I was getting for free so I just altogether told them ‘No! Stop sending me stuff!”

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