Two Calgary-area run orphanages in Haiti have been evacuated safely with no loss of life, according to local officials who own the facilities in the earthquake-ravaged country.

Calgary Building System owner Ted Hughes runs the Tytoo Gardens Orphanage and said while he is concerned about the destruction of the area, he is relieved there was no loss of life at the orphanage, just some structural damage.

“Our team and the kids are safe. We’ve evacuated but since the lines are still down we don’t know much else except drips and drabs of emails,” he said, adding about 25 children live at the orphanage year-round.

Calgarian Jerry Epp, the president of Little Angels Canada, says the 160 kids currently in the orphanage are safe.

Epp says he expects he will have to find room for more children who have either lost parents or whose parents can no longer afford to feed them following the catastrophe.

Epp says none of the dozen or so volunteers from Canada and the United States working at the orphanage have so far asked to leave.
with files from the Canadian Press