Del Pinto


The family of a Alberta man killed in Thailand is disputing reports he was fighting with a close female friend before he was shot. Leo John Del Pinto, 25, from Calgary, was killed in the town of Pai, Thailand, on Sunday when a police officer shot him once in the face and once in the torso during an altercation. Friend Ross Fortune, speaking on behalf of the grieving family, told Metro that Del Pinto and close friend Carly Reisig from Chilliwack, B.C., were leaving a bar when Reisig was struck in the face by a man.


“The version Carly is telling is what happened. Leo and Carly were not fighting — they are close friends and they have no reason to argue,” Fortune said, adding Del Pinto would never have fought a police officer in uniform.

“I was talking with Leo and a man hit me in the forehead and Leo said, ‘nobody hits her’ and he pushed the guy down and when he got up he had a pistol in his hand,” she told a radio station in Calgary, adding that’s when he shot Del Pinto and then shot her.