Alberta drivers can expect to see new and colourful licence plates by next spring and that could include scrapping the slogan “Wild Rose Country.”

But don’t expect to see the new plates on the front of vehicles anytime soon, says the provincial government, despite public pressures from law enforcement officials and safety groups.

Of more than 33,000 Albertans who responded to a three-month consultation, most preferred “Strong and Free,” the province’s official motto in the plate over Wild Rose Country.


The majority of Albertans in the consultation are also not too keen about the idea of reintroducing plates on the front of vehicles — something Service Alberta Minister Heather Klimchuk has confirmed the province won’t be bringing back.

In a public opinion poll, however, more people were keen on keeping Wild Rose Country in the plate.
“There is no clear direction on what the slogan should be,” said Klimchuk.
“This is something we will have to determine “

The majority also want to see the current, plain plate replaced with a reflective one that is full of colour with possibly mountains in the background.

The province received a hundreds of handmade designs.

Robert Marsh, a Calgarian who submitted a blue plate with yellow lettering that resembles Alberta’s flag, says a new plate is overdue.

“Alberta’s plate was cutting edge when it came out 25 years ago, but it’s not cutting edge anymore,” said Marsh.

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