A motion is being brought forward today by five aldermen to postpone the hearings in regards to the Plan It Calgary document.

The plan was to go before the Calgary Planning Commission on May 14 and then to a Special Public Hearing on June 16.

“I think it’s an obligation for all of us to make sure we are well informed of what’s in it when we come to the public hearing and I want to make sure there is enough time for that to happen,” said Ald. Ric McIver, who supports the postponement.

Plan It Calgary, which came out May 6, envisions how Calgary should grow over the next 60 years as it accommodates an estimated 1.3 million additional citizens.

Plan It Calgary integrates the Municipal Development Plan and the Calgary Transportation plan.

The proposal is to meet with the Calgary Planning Commission in June and the Special Public Hearing of Council in September.

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