As the nation’s toughest impaired driving sanctions come online in B.C. today, a mother whose daughter was killed by a drunk driver in Delta says she plans to push for mandatory minimum sentences for impaired drivers who cause death.

The new sanctions, which are dedicated to the memory of four-year-old Alexa Middelaer, include an immediate 90-day driving ban as well as fines and fees of more than $4,000 for drivers caught with a blood alcohol above 0.08 per cent.

“There should be a minimum sentence and there should be no opportunity to get off if you’ve killed somebody,” said Laurel Middelaer, noting that Carol Berner, the woman convicted of impaired driving causing Alexa’s death, could possibly receive a conditional sentence.

Following Berner’s sentencing (Nov. 8), Middelaer said she plans to push for mandatory minimums as well as designated courts and prosecutors for impaired drivers.

Since their daughter’s tragic death, the Middelaers have started Alexa’s Team to recognize police officers and are raising funds for a $250,000 roadside impaired lab called Alexa’s Bus.