All about amethyst

<p>Meeting this week’s homeowner, a 69-year-old actor named Frank Ruffo, was serious fun.</p>




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Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek appears on Home Heist this week.

Meeting this week’s homeowner, a 69-year-old actor named Frank Ruffo, was serious fun. His energy was that of a man half his age and, while he bears a face reminiscent of Tony Bennett, he possessed a youthful glow that made everyone smile. Our entire team fell in love with this man, who has dedicated his life to entertaining and bettering the lives of others.

Frank’s life was in a rut and his home was suffering as a consequence. Cluttered to the max with junk and filled with a million and one memories disguised as ornaments, we were thrilled to rise to the challenge of helping new friend.

Our primary observation was how dark and gloomy Frank’s house appeared. For a man who radiated joy and light, his home was the polar opposite. Frank was always more concerned with improving his community than his nest.

Frank’s biggest problem? Simple: Displaying trophies, mementos and artifacts, all of which span 50 years. Our first job was to create a “memory wall” where our thespian pal could proudly display his many achievements.

Next, we demolished a scary kitchen but combined its replacement with the adjacent living room to make a seriously social space. We custom-manufactured magnificent amethyst cabinetry and created a dramatic piano key backsplash. And, speaking of amethyst, we played that particular trick in every downstairs area: We added purple sofas, mauve walls and lilac accessories.

And, as if that weren’t enough, watch out for the musical conclusion to this week’s show! Our director composed an entire score to help Frank understand the error of his domestic decay.

The final icing on the cake is a scene featuring Alex Trebek, monolithic host of Jeopardy!, and an old friend of Frank’s. It’s pure TV gold and a moment you can’t afford to miss. Canada, we reckon, is a better place for people like Frank. And our appreciation of Canada is made all the better by having met this fine — and very gentle — man.

Make it personal

  • If you’re concerned about balance, add drama with accessories and textiles.

  • We used an outside fireplace on Frank’s terrace. Scan online to compare prices; you could save a fortune.

  • Lighting should never be overlooked. A range of overhead, side lighting and flickering candles brought Frank’s space alive. Our best buy? Dimmer switches.