Can you stretch that road salt through the rest of winter, or will you be shovelling for months more?

On Monday, Shubenacadie Sam will tell us whether we’ve got six more loooong weeks of winter, or whether we can break out the sunscreen early.

Thanks to Nova Scotia’s time zone, Shubenacadie Sam is the first weather-predicting groundhog in North America. If he sees his shadow and runs back into his burrow, it’s time to book a trip to Mexico. If not, tradition dictates, spring is around the corner.

After yesterday’s icy roads and high winds, we could use a high sign from Sam.

But Sam isn’t the only weather-wise groundhog in the province — 13-year-old Two Rivers Tunnel will make a prediction Monday, too. That party will happen in Marion Bridge, Cape Breton Co. Two Rivers Tunnel was wrong last year, though.

According to the Groundhogs at HogHaven website (, groundhogs live only a few years. Many don’t survive the cold winters of hibernation but can live upwards of 10 years in captivity.