Summer’s arrival tomorrow might herald a slowdown for most people — with lazy days on the beach and well-earned vacations — but that’s not case for the women at One Life Surf.

While the rest of us are dreaming of white sand between our toes and days spent on local patios, the all-female surf school is waxing its boards.

“This is when the water warms up and this is when people starting surfing for the first time want to go out in the water and learn,” said Juel McCallum.


To mark the start of the season, the school is holding its third annual Summer Kick-Off Party.

Taking place at The Marquee on Saturday, the event will feature the Tom Fun Orchestra, Mark Bragg and the Butchers, Zumbini Circus and an ocean inspired fashion show.

“We just went on a huge decorating trip today,” said McCallum. “Everyone who we have met at the event has always said the atmosphere is one of the most positive they’ve ever been too.

She said there is a large beach culture in Halifax, and many people have moved here because the ocean is so close to the city. As a university student, she would go surfing most mornings before her classes started.

“On our licence plates, it says ‘Canada’s Ocean Playground,’ and I think some people take that quite literally.”

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