Blimey — our new show is serious designer overload. Crammed with money-saving tips and awesome décor inspiration, we’re proud to say it’s a fabulously glossy TV magazine, and one which we hope you’ll love.

Cue Colin & Justin’s Home Show (not to be confused with C & J’s Home Heist, though the titles are admittedly similar) where, every week, we create a completely different room.

And whose home benefits, we hear you ask? Well, actually, no one’s. Yup, this series is a wee bit different: Our designs unravel in the middle of a shopping centre.

Via the Home Show, we set out to prove that bad design is a result of bad shopping and that’s why, for the next 10 weeks, you’ll find us in a different retail park each episode. Which means no assistants to fight with and no home owners to chastise. Instead, you’ll see us going head to head with shoppers as we design a different room set, live, in front of the public.

The premise is simple — anyone can have a gorgeous home, even those on a shoestring budget. The catch? We’re only allowed to use items which we find in the malls we visit.

But there’s more. Each week we’ll feature a master class in one specialist area. It could be lighting, kitchen design or soft furnishings. First up? Bohemian chic. Sienna Miller would be in her element.

Next item is Shopping Sabotage in which we career around stores hijacking customers before they make what we consider to be dreadful buying decisions. We take each subject on a speedy journey of designer recovery, then shame them into putting the offending items back — and, ahem, going with our choices.

Penultimately it’s Challenge Colin & Justin, where we grab a hapless shopper and ask if they need help. They explain, for example, that they’re looking for a clock, or perhaps a selection of cushions, and they tell us their budget. We split up and independently track down that elusive item. With just 10 minutes to strike gold our insta-client chooses which of us hit the mark.

And if all that wasn’t enough? Worry not — our closing item, Meet The Heroes is a great excuse for a snoop round a celebrity pad. This week it’s Kelly Hoppen, interior designer to Posh and Becks, no less. You’ll faint when you see Ms. Hoppen’s $10 million two-bedroom London apartment. Smelling salts at the ready! It’s fabulous, darlings.

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