Volkswagen held a world premiere of the entirely redesigned all-new Jetta in New York.


This model has a global presence with 9.6 million units sold already, and it is a bestselling model for Volkswagen in Canada and the U.S.


The new design projects a more dynamic image than ever before. The NCC (New Coupe Concept) car shown earlier this year at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and at the Canadian International Auto Show in Toronto offered a preview of the new Jetta’s styling.


Designers of the new Jetta sedan drew their inspiration from the coupe, and this bodes well for the potential sports appeal of the new Jetta.

This also means that the model will no longer be sharing body components with the Golf; rather, it will be a separate vehicle type that is just as independent as the Passat CC.

In addition, Volkswagen has tailored the new Jetta’s Canadian equipment versions (Trendline, Trendline, Comfortline, Sportline, and Highline) to consistently meet the wishes, of Canadian drivers.