Lounge bag is not an insult you hurl at your lazy living companions. Well, maybe it is, but it’s also a new product by Yogibo that updates that comfy old stand-by — the beanbag chair.


This is the adult version though, with a hi-tech design that molds to the body. And it comes in two main permutations designed to take care of your chair, couch and spare bed needs — especially if you’re furnishing a cramped dorm room or small apartment.
Yogibo is the brainchild of Eyal Levy, who initially relocated to New England from Israel as the director of a medical equipment company. Soon after, he found himself with a cushy new career — literally.


“When we moved here, we got so many compliments about our lounge bags — guests were thrilled with them — so we thought, ‘Why not start a business?’” says Levy, who lives in Nashua, N.H. He set up an online store and opened the first retail location in the Natick Collection mall this summer.


The Yogi Mini is a single-sized lounge bag. The Yogi Max can be used as a recliner, a sofa large enough to seat three people comfortably or a guest bed for those, um, couch guests.

It’s designed to store upright in a closet and only takes up about three square feet. Yogibo also has an outdoor line, Ooka, which is waterproof and currently sold at 50 percent off. The indoor line starts at $89.

For now, you’ll have to go to Natick to try a Yogibo, but Levy says he hopes to open a Hub location soon.