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All women are moms­­

I have a lot of moms. And, I bet if you think about it, you do too.

I have a lot of moms. And, I bet if you think about it, you do too.

Each one of the moms in my life is unique — and in their own specialness, they’ve provided me with a series of gifts I can take with me into the future.

Sister-in-law: The mother of my niece and keeper of my younger brother, she provides for me the comfort of knowing those closest to me are taken care of. Her vision for her family is steadfast and focused; a perfect ballast for my sometimes starry-eyed brother. She has taught me to be open and accepting and that life is bigger than just what’s out my front door.

Mother-in-law: She’s embraced my two children from a previous marriage like grandkids of her own. She laid the principle foundation for the woman I’ve partnered with for the rest of my life. The fact that mom-in-law is the primary target of my sarcastic joking and takes it all in stride makes her value limitless.

My wife: Try living with a neurotic, workaholic journalist. That alone deserves the Medal of Honour. But she’s given me stability, she’s given me her love — she’s given me a beautiful son — she is a willing witness to my life. Perhaps most important, she is my reality check. She snaps me back into place when I’m outta line like any good mom would.

Mom: My true birthplace. It’s hard to imagine the turbulence of our relationship when I was young because it’s in such stark contrast to our connection today.

My mom is a rock for our family. She’s been my biggest supporter and ally during times when I’m right and when I’m wrong. In times of gravest uncertainty, she has always offered the stability and security I’ve needed.

All your moms — your mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmas — are treasures. So how shall we reward them this weekend?

Let’s start with a pledge to provide to them the same gifts they give to us freely the other 364 days a year: unconditional love and support, and a cuff when we need it.

It’s the least they deserve this Mother’s Day.

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