‘Like something out of a horror movie,’ she recalls

The man accused of viciously raping and slashing an Edmonton school vice-principal over a drunken bet with a roommate is expected to stand trial this week, days after the victim told her version of the chilling attack in court.



Ryan James Huppie, 23, is charged with attempted murder and four other charges related to the attack on a woman who lived next door to him in a downtown Edmonton condo building.


Huppie isn’t denying that the crime took place, but pleaded not guilty to argue that he’s suffering from a mental disorder.

The woman, who can’t be named under a court-ordered publication ban, told court Friday that she woke up to find someone standing at the foot of her bed holding a meat cleaver and a long knife in February 2004.

"I’m here to rape you, and to kill you," the woman recalled the attacker telling her.

He then hit her in the skull with a blunt object until she finally pretended to be dead, hoping he would leave her alone, she told court.

Once he left, the woman called 911 only to see her attacker return to slash her again until she faked her death once more, she said.

The woman told court that the entire attack was "something out of a horror movie … it’s like trying to get through that locked door before he gets to you."

The trial is expected to continue into early February.