One of Calgary’s most notorious alleged gangsters is scheduled to be deported Monday after being jailed yesterday, says his lawyer.

Jackie Tran, 26, was picked up by cops in Pineridge after failing to show up for a scheduled meeting with Canada Border Services, and he now faces a deportation long sought by immigration officials.

Raj Sharma said Tran was told by officials he would be flown back to his native Vietnam after being taken into custody for breach of his release conditions.

Deportation proceedings have been ongoing since 2004, and Sharma said the news his client is being sent home is surprising given unresolved federal applications. Sharma added he will be filing an emergency application to block the move.

Police have alleged Tran is a member of one of two gangs that have been engaged in a bloody street war, which has left at least a dozen dead.

The CBSA would not confirm the deportation.

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