Video footage allegedly showing a teenage girl being attacked outside a Vancouver SkyTrain station, which would have helped police lay charges, has been taped over.

Const. Tim Fanning said yesterday the case is still open and officers are working toward laying charges in the absence of video evidence.

Sheshleen Datt, 18, was assaulted and robbed by six girls outside Nanaimo SkyTrain station on April 29, within view of a security camera.

Allegedly police immediately requested the tape, which is on a loop and records over itself every two hours.

But a transit officer failed to pass on the request to SkyTrain’s control centre and the evidence was lost.

Police caught six girls shortly after the assault but let them go without charges due to lack of evidence.

TransLink is in the process of converting to a $1.8-million digital system that will store data for seven days.

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