I've heard in on sports radio, and seen it on comment sections and
message boards.

The Celtics games are boring - they're all blowouts.

I'm only going to say this once: Complete and total annihilation is never
. Especially when you're on the winning side.

Haven't we been through this once already in this region? The 2007 Patriots
marched through the early part of their schedule, taking no prisoners, winning
by outrageous margins each week, and the soccer-mom screaming shrills
complained about sportsmanship and "running up the score" and that
yes, the games were actually boring because the outcome was never in doubt.

I didn't understand it then, and I don't understand it now regarding the

When you watch a team that is so talented, so unrelenting, and coldly efficient
at what it takes to win games, you can only sit and watch in awe. Those
Patriots were a thing of beauty to watch in those games. This Celtics team is
the same way. They can just exert their will on the opposing team and there is
nothing to be done about it. The talent is too deep, the execution too precise,
the defense too stingy.

I can remember when the major complaint shouted about the 2003 Patriots on the
airwaves was that they didn't win their games by enough
. They were just eking out victory week in and week out. The critics
contended that they just didn't have what it took to be champions because they
didn't have a "killer instinct" and couldn't put the hammer down on
an opponent and separate themselves by enough in the final margin.

That team had a lot of nail-biting endings, and while those are good every once
in a while, it's also just as much fun to just watch a well-designed, talented,
deep team systematically tear apart the opposition on a nightly basis. The
Celtics can win in so many ways, and their bench can (and already has several
times) pick up the pace of the game if the starters happen to get off to a slow
start. Opening night in Cleveland was a perfect example. The Celtics starters
had their problems with a retooled Cavaliers team making their season debut in
front of their home crowd, but once the benches came into the game, everything
changed. There was no one for the Cavs that could match up with the likes of
Rasheed Wallace, Eddie House and Marquis Daniels off the bench.

Lest the finger-waggers out there forget, the object of professional sports is
to win the game. This isn't Pop Warner or Babe Ruth League. These are professionals,
who are being paid to perform at the peak of their ability each moment of each
game. All of a sudden we're asking to not do that, simply because sensibilities
are ruffled, or the opposition (who are being paid equally well) are not up to

If you're in sales, and are absolutely crushing it one month, will you ease up
late in the month so that you don't embarrass your competition? Hardly. You're
doing your job.

So are the Celtics.

We're not even 10 games into the season, and
the rumblings are starting already.

Bruce Allen is the creator of Boston Sports Media Watch,
which has recently been recognized by SI.com as one of the best non-corporate
sports web site's on the Internet


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