It is, in all honesty, a shabby and disrespectful way to treat one of the greats.


Seriously, you never saw Mark Messier or Joe Montana or George Brett go out like this.


Damon Allen, in the same class as any of the above, deserves better, too. He deserves bouquets, not boos. He deserves to be commended, not condemned.


And so maybe the most prolific quarterback in CFL history should just shrug, say “to hell with this,” hang up his cleats and wait for his induction into Canadian football’s Hall of Fame.


Because, really, Allen’s career is over.

The 43-year-old grandpa tried desperately to extend it last night in the season’s lid-lifter — when he and the Argonauts dropped a 24-22 decision to the B.C. Lions at the Rogers Centre — but what transpired was quite the opposite.

While his numbers weren’t all that bad, Allen was replaced in the second half by Michael Bishop — a pre-conceived plan — and the senior citizen is now relegated to, and entrenched on, the sidelines.

Bishop played with a swagger and, were it not for an offensive lineman holding a B.C. rusher on a long touchdown pass, he might have pulled out a late victory.

But the cards were stacked against Allen beforehand. Sources say Bishop’s new contract with the Argos guarantees him playing time. In every game.

In other words, the Argos already had their minds made up to phase out Allen. It’s unsightly.

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