Philip Seymour Hoffman is not so enthusiastic about doing press. He even starts to get itchy a few minutes into the process, scratching under his sweater while speaking. Still, the sometimes boisterous 42-year-old gives an equally lively performance as a renegade, sea-faring DJ?known as “The Count” in his new film, “Pirate Radio.”

What’s your favorite music that you heard on the radio?

Oh God, I like so many different kinds of music just because all I did as a kid was listen to the radio. I wasn’t a connoisseur, really. I would just sit in the backseat of the car and listen to the radio in the summertime.


You’ve played two characters who have embodied the spirit of rock — in “Pirate Radio” and “Almost Famous.” What did you tap into for the roles?

It’s a passion for something. He’s mad about something. It’s not that hard to identify with those things.

This seems like a lighter role than those you usually take on. Was it a relief to do a comedy?

It’s a real ensemble piece. That’s part of it, sharing that burden, which is what the characters are going through anyway. The movie itself has an energy about it — they’re looking to have a good time, mostly. I kind of sat back and enjoyed myself a lot of the time.

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