Teammate and friend Trevor Linden said Luc Bourdon’s humour and fun-loving personality is going to be missed.


“Any 21-year-old with his whole life in front — to have his life end is very unfortunate,” said Linden. “It’s very sad, very tragic.”


Linden said Bourdon was a big fan of video games and brought fun onto the hockey rink and into the changing room. Stress and pressure of the game were relieved by doing the things Bourdon loved such as watching movies and playing poker.


“There was definitely a generation gap, but Luc was always great to be around.”
With the recent incident, consideration regarding banning of specific sports has been suggested by NHL agents and managers.


“It’s long been known that any sport is dangerous. It’s not a great idea to ride motorcycles — it’s dangerous, but a lot of things are dangerous,” added Linden.