When it comes to other dirty-lyric-writing, genre-bending, female-driven musicians, most tend to compare Amanda Blank’s rapid fire raunch-rap with Canadian electronic dance floor queen Peaches.

But if you ask Blank, that comparison is a little offensive.

“I think we get compared a lot because we’re both skinny, crazy little white girls that say dirty s—,” says Blank in a Philly accent you can’t miss. “But I think my music is a little bit more rooted in black music and rap music. If I were black, they’d be comparing me to a black girl. People are like, ‘Oh my God, Amanda’s so dirty.’ I’m like, ‘Have you ever listened to the first Lil’ Kim album? Has anyone heard Foxy Brown rap?’ Really? I’m not any more vulgar than them.”


After touring with labelmate and close friend Santigold, Blank went on to open for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and for the next few weeks will now open for, appropriately enough, Peaches.

Peaches with Amanda Blank
Friday, 8 p.m.
334 South St.
$20, 215-922-1011

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