It isn’t very often that a trio of young, topless girls make out in the food court of East Vancouver’s Tinseltown Mall, but on Tuesday afternoon, that’s just what happened.

The scene was a daydream sequence for American Pie: Book of Love, the seventh instalment of the popular “teen” sex comedy franchise, being shot in and around town until mid-May.

Unlike the past three direct-to-DVD spin-offs, this one aims to revive the feel of the original.

“The folks who brought you American Pie want to bring it back to its roots: fun wholesomeness yet still raunchy and sexy,” said director John Putch. “As a result, you’ll see some themes come back that you haven’t seen since the first one.”

While the bulk of the cast consists of young up-and-comers — like Ontario’s Naomi Hewer and Maryland’s Brandon Hardesty — veterans such as Eugene Levy (an American Pie regular) and Rosanna Arquette also appear.

Bug Hall, who played Alfalfa in the 1994 film The Little Rascals, will play a character similar to Jason Biggs’ in the original. The film is due out in the fall.

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