Americans spend billions on Easter candy

The average American spends $28 on Easter candy.

child with easter candy You know you want to take a bite out of this sweet treat —but it'll cost you. Credit: Thinkstock


Religion aside, it seems those Cadbury eggs and Peeps in the candy aisle are just irresistible to most. According to the National Confectioner's Association, Americans spent $2.1 billion on Easter candy last year and that number is projected to be even higher this year. That $2.1 billion doesn't take into account other Easter expenses, like new clothes for church, traveling or decorations — it's just candy.The average person spends $28 on Easter candy. Chocolate bunnies are the biggest seller: Ninety million were sold last year.



Overall Easter spending is projected to reach $16 billion this year. According to a survey conducted by the Prosper Insights & Analytics, the average American will spend $137.46 on the holiday. Besides candy, the most popular Easter items people spend money on are groceries for Easter dinner, clothes, gifts, flowers and decorations.


And they aren't just spending because they're tempted by those pastel-wrapped sugary snacks at the register. According to the same survey, 80 percent of Americans actually do celebrate Easter in some capacity.

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