An independent music festival planned for Amherst on Saturday has hit the skids and the organizer is pointing his finger at the town and the Downtown Amherst Revitalization Society.

Richard Clark started organizing the festival several months ago without thinking he'd have any difficulty getting permission from the town to use the bandstand at Victoria Square, but is frustrated the town has thrown roadblocks in his way.

"I'm a little angry, but more than that I'm very frustrated," Clark said.


Clark said he was told he had to have permission from the revitalization society as well, but when he asked for that permission he was told loud music was not something wanted in the downtown during the day.

He inquired about liability insurance, but discovered he could not get insured if the festival included hip hop or heavy metal music.

Roger MacIsaac, Amherst's director of Community and Economic Development, is not against a rock festival in downtown Amherst but thinks Clark didn't do his homework when it comes to getting permits and the required insurance.

"We're not against holding events such as that in the park if it's doable, but things like liability insurance are essential," MacIsaac said.

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