Amherst Police are concerned with the potential financial impact with the loss of the Cumberland County Correctional Centre.

Chief Charles Rushton said the loss of the jail to another part of the province has the potential to add at least several thousand dollars to the department’s bottom line because it will increase expenses for jail guards.

Rushton also said it’s going to prevent the department from maintaining its level of service to the community and to those people who are alleged to have committed offences.


On the day Justice Minister Ross Landry announced the province is going to build one jail instead of two, Cumberland North MLA Brian Skabar said he planned to work with the minister on some sort of remand arrangement.

He hinted he would be pushing for a remand centre.

Officials with the Justice Department indicated they are aware of the situation and that it would be taken care of before the next jail, the location of which has yet to be announced, is built.

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