Less than two weeks in, the city’s police gun amnesty program has already netted 195 weapons, but the officer in charge of the program said there’s still plenty more out there.
“We’ve received 150 shotguns and rifles,” said Staff-Sgt. Mike Callaghan. “That tells me there’s still a considerable number of handguns out there.”
Callaghan said the number of unused and unwanted weapons that people turn in doesn’t surprise him.
“We have a lot of people in the baby boomer age that are in possession of firearms that are no longer using them and no longer need them,” he said.
While police want to see more handguns come in, the program is doing extremely well, said Callaghan.
“We’re happy to see where the numbers are,” he said. “It’s pretty well the same as the last time, so we’re really close to being on target.”
The Gun Amnesty Program helps the community safely and easily dispose of unwanted firearms and ammunition. It also reminds owners of non-restricted firearms to come into compliance with the Firearms Act before May 16.
The amnesty runs until April 25. The public may not bring firearms, ammunition or explosive devices to any police station, but should call police at 613-760-8019 to have them collected.

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