NYC- and Philly-bound Amtrak derails in NortABC 11 WTVD

An Amtrak train that runs daily to Philadelphia and New York from North Carolina derailed down south Monday after slamming into a tractor-trailer.

The engine was toppled onto its side and two other cars knocked off the track, aerial footage showed. Sixty-two people were injured and 46 required hospitalization, officials said.

There were no fatalities on the train, which had 212 passengers and eight crew on board. The truck cab was not on the tracks and its driver is okay, according to authorities.

An amazing video, shot by Twitter user@RemyRemzfrom a car alongside the tracks in Halifax, N.C.shows the moment of impact.


"Oh my God! Oh my God!!!" a voice is heard screaming on the video.

It was chaos inside the train, passengers said.

"There was a massive jerk and we were kind of thrown forward a little bit, and the train came to a sudden stop," said Charlotte Story, a student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.who was in the seventh car on the train.

She told localCBS affiliate WRALthat many people in her car had what appeared to be minor injuries, adding,"I couldn't tell you if it (the train) was trying to slow down or not. There was no whistle. It came completely out of the blue."

The train was the northbound Carolinian, which runs between Charlotte, North Carolina, and New York each day with stops in Delaware, Philly, and Trenton, N.J.

The accident around noon. Witnesses reported that the truck, which was carrying a prefab building and had a state trooper escort because it was oversized, seemed stuck and was having difficulty making a turn onto a local road from a main drag.

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