Amy Winehouse was hospitalized again recently in St. Lucia, where she has been living since the new year.

“She was complaining of chest pains so the doctor advised her to come in and she was kept in for observation and then released,” a spokesman confirmed to the Daily Mirror. This is the third time Winehouse has been hospitalized in three months.

She’s set to return to the U.K. for a concert next Sunday, but friends worry her drinking will get in the way.

The troubled singer — who is living on the Caribbean island while she writes new material — wants to make her stay permanent by purchasing a luxurious, $6-million US home, reports.

The Rehab singer is interested in a 2.5-acre, six-bedroom beachside estate called Shingle Cove.

Amy, 25, says of her restorative time in St. Lucia: “I’m in the best place I’ve been for ages. I’m getting lots of exercise and have been able to relax.”

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