For boomers and seniors, downsizing from a spacious family home to a condo or retirement community can seem an overwhelming task.

That’s where Home to Home comes in; the Bedford-based business works hand-in-hand with clients to sift through belongings and provide turn-key moving services.

“They have all this furniture, all these collections from a lifetime, and they don’t know where to start,” says owner-operator Sheila Kidd. “I work with them to pick the pieces that they want to move and then plug in a few smaller pieces that will work in that (new) environment.”

Home to Home takes care of all the packing, moving and unpacking, making the transition painless and possibly even pleasant.

With grand boomers leaving their empty nest, Kidd and her team do a floor plan of the new space and work out what the client wants to take with them. They then go shopping together to buy new pieces to update the style of the home. Home to Home works with the clients to sort through the remainder, sending some to family around the world, selling some in garage sales and giving the rest to charities.

Helping seniors move to independent or assisted-living situations can be even more stressful, Kidd says.

“They’re maybe moving into 1,000-square feet from up to 5,000-square feet. This is a big challenge, with a whole emotional quagmire,” she says, noting her nursing background with seniors is a big help.

Kidd is developing a website for the new and growing business and can be reached at 902-483-2593 or

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