For Alison Barnard, opening a denim shop was not only in her jeans, but in her genes as well. The owner of in-jean-ius says it isn’t easy to find the perfect pair.

“It is a challenge to find jeans, no matter what your size,” Barnard says. “Every woman’s body is different.”

Opening in the North End five years ago, this denim-inspired shop contains the perfect jeans for any type. After observing shoppers while working retail early on in her life, this outlet is exactly what Barnard wanted to bring to Boston.


“I felt that women need help going through the process of finding jeans for their specific body,” she says.

Barnard and her team of employees are trained in fitting jeans for every female form, and they are ready to take each customer under their knowledgeable wings upon entering the shop.

“With most of the people who come in and are looking for jeans, we will ask them a line of questions, sort of like in a doctor’s office, and get a sense of what they are looking for,” Barnard says.


441 Hanover St., Boston


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