Support masts nearly finished

More than half of the 36 masts needed to hoist the stadium’s new roof have now been installed, with the remainders to be placed by 2011. The 50-metre towers have already dramatically altered the city skyline.


In all, the stadium renos are estimated to cost more than $560 million, with the competition date set sometime in fall of 2011, just before the Grey Cup.

World-record cloth roof

When completed, the new retractable cloth ceiling will be over 76,000 square metres in diameter — the largest of its kind on Earth.


B.C. Place estimates that they’ll be able to slash nearly a quarter of their present energy budget with the new, more eco-friendly roof.

Huge amounts of metal

More than 16,000 tonnes of steel, imported from Japan and Taiwan, was brought into British Columbia to complete the project, along with 35 kilometres of wire.

Makeover to ditch dated look

Most of the stadium’s ’80s-era design aesthetics will be completely purged as part of extensive interior redesign. 9,850 square meters of brown glass windows will be replaced with clearer Vancouver green.