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An island to call home

Though Nantucket swells to about five times its year-round population during the summer season, it is possible to find areas on the island that make it feel like you&rsquo;re the only one there.<br /><br /><strong>Don&rsquo;t miss this!</strong><br /><br />If you visit the island before the end of the month, you need to see artist Tom Deininger&rsquo;s display at the Gallery at Four India. This self-portrait does not do justice to the genius of this Rhode Island-based artist. See, this is not a painting. This is a carefully assembled three-dimensional hodge podge of baby dolls, sneakers, cassette tapes and discarded electronics. Amazing!<br /><strong><br />Experience</strong><br /><br />If there is any part of your journey to Nantucket that is a &ldquo;how the other half live&rdquo; exploration, then you need to do the 20-minute bluff walk in Siasconset. Stretching along the elbow of the island, the path literally takes you through the backyards of some of the most beautiful homes on the island, preceded by the quintessentially quaint Nantucket cottages on Front Street.<br /><strong><br />Stay</strong><br /><br />If you can get into one of the 12 rooms at the Union Street Inn, they can turn you into an island insider within a day. The innkeepers supply guests with self-guided walking tours and learned conversation that will make you feel like you&rsquo;re on a first-name basis with anyone who owns a local business. Plus, their breakfast menu shows that running a truly exceptional bed and breakfast depends on paying attention to both B&rsquo;s.<br /><strong><br />Eat</strong><br /><br />While we&rsquo;re on the topic of delicious food, American Seasons is a comfortably funky eatery a few blocks away from the cobblestone hustle and bustle. Those in the know take the extra walk to delight in chef Michael LaScola&rsquo;s artistic menu choices. We can&rsquo;t recommend enough the Crispy Pork Belly and Seared Octopus on a bed of homemade kimchee. If you like their pig, you may want to go to the island on the second week in October for their Hogtoberfest. Another top choice for dining is Corazon del Mar with Mexican cuisine so authentic that it may finally dispel the myths of the island as a lily-white enclave.

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