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Colin and Justin used white sofas, like this one, to transform a gloomy family room in this week’s episode.

Jasmine’s stifling suburban home looked like an Asian-inspired crack den: it was full of dated oriental detail and “plastic” gold plate. We were absolutely staggered, especially when we discovered Jasmine (a delightful lady and one-time fashion buyer) had travelled the world collecting curios, many of which, she explained, were inspired by her own Indian heritage. Not that you’d have noticed; this was one particularly odious abode.

What we discovered in abundance was design trauma. Our girl admitted she’d got lost somewhere in the 1980s. Think Hugh Hefner meets Mahatma Gandhi to get the picture. OK, so Playboy Bunnies might have felt welcome — as might the entire cast of a Bruce Lee movie — but, save for those particular camps, appeal was decidedly minimal.

So we set to work transforming Jasmine’s home and her life. Besides overhauling the entire main floor to create an elegant, co-ordinated oasis of muted colours, modern styling and contemporary Asian accents, we took Jasmine on a field trip to teach some designer lessons — namely how to marry form and function, how to update design “references” and how to place ornaments and collectibles auspiciously.

And so it came to pass that a once-cluttered kitchen morphed into a stunningly beautiful duck egg blue replacement, complete with elegant marble countertops and matching marble floors. But how, exactly, did we dramatically enlarge the kitchen’s proportions without changing its size? We’d love to tell you but we’d hate to spoil the surprise!

And where once was a dark and gloomy family room is now a toffee-coloured confection of sweet designer success, a combo of elegant new cabinetry and a selection of white sofas.

Last on our hit list was the lounge/diner that looked like a Chinese takeout place. We remained loyal to Jasmine’s fondness for all things Asian (just wait until you see our water lily wallpaper!) but created a scheme that was simply modern. A symphony of pale blue and white, we christened it our Tiffany Epiphany!

Prepare for a bumpy ride as the Home Heist rocket takes another journey into bad taste space.

tips on updating your home’s style

  • If you have old rosewood furniture that has seen better days, consider painting it. The shape will remain but it will feel instantly updated.

  • Jasmine’s family room had a fake stone fireplace. We transformed it with paint, and positioned a huge starburst mirror above it. Then we added a modern granite hearth. Simple!

  • Use confident stylized Oriental wallpaper rather than wishy-washy lightweight patterns.

HGTV hosts Colin and Justin continue their mission of beautification with their Canadian design series Colin & Justin’s Home Heist, airing Tuesdays and Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET on HGTV.

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