They’ve been inseparable best friends and lovers for almost 25 years, but will soon be torn apart prematurely by an inoperable disease.

With help from group of anonymous angels, Ron and Eileen Findlay are advancing celebrations for their quarter-century anniversary, as doctors have warned the couple they may not make it to March 24.

Last April, Ron was diagnosed with lung cancer, which has since spread, leaving his body riddled with tumours.

Though the family is hopeful, they have accepted that his passing is inevitable.

“We’ve done everything our whole lives together. We love each other so much,” Eileen said through tears.

“It's going to be so hard to be apart — I can't even explain how much.”

After submitting a letter to a low-profile group that turn dying dreams into reality, Ron and Eileen were offered an anniversary they would never forget — all expenses paid.

Angels Anonymous is sending the couple, in a limo, to two nights of luxury at the FantasyLand Hotel next week. Though Ron wanted to see the mountains one last time, he's too ill for a trip.

“I just can’t believe there’s a place that would do something like this for people. I can't explain how great it is,” Eileen said.

Dreams of financially devastated families have been possible for 11 years, thanks to Angels Anonymous, a group dedicated to granting last wishes.

“This trip means a lot to me because it will probably be our last anniversary we will spend together,” Ron wrote in a letter of gratitude to the group.