The Bedford bear can’t seem to find his way home.

The province’s Department of Natural Resources says it believes weekend sightings of a black bear running through several neighbourhoods in Bedford South and neighbouring Paper Mill Lake are the same animal.

They also say the bear is probably lost and unable to find his way back to the Hammonds Plains area, which is where these animals are normally spotted for the area.

“It seems like the bear is just zigging instead of zagging and keeps finding himself down towards the harbour, instead of the other way,” said Jenny Costelo, wildlife technician for DNR, Halifax West district.

She added bear sightings in Bedford are quite unusual.

“This bear isn’t a garbage bear ... When people see him, he’s just tearing through people’s yards.”

After bear sightings a week ago, several more popped up in Bedford over the weekend, including on Saturday from Southgate Drive to Paper Mill Lake.

Several reports to police were of two bears, including one baby bear. Costelo said she has had no reports of a baby bear being spotted.

On Sunday, a bear was seen at Bedford South School at nearby Oceanview Drive.

Bedford South School went ahead with its daily routine yesterday.

Halifax Regional School Board spokesman Doug Hadley said the school contacted DNR officials yesterday and was told it was “highly unlikely” the animal would approach the school during the day, because bears don’t typically approach large groups of people.

Hadley said officials with DNR informed school staff of what to do should a bear be spotted, and passed the information on to students.

The school also sent home a notice to parents with the information from DNR and asked them to discuss it with their children.

Walk away
The Department of Natural Resources advises anyone who runs across a black bear to quietly back up and leave immediately. The person then should contact DNR or police.

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