Try as she might, Anna Goldfarb just can't seem to get her life together. Her attempts at dating, love and finding gainful employment are met with hilarious results that she chronicles in her new memoir, "Clearly I Didn't Think This Through: The Story of One Tall Girl's Impulsive, Ill-Conceived, and Borderline Irresponsible Life Decisions." She took a break from writing on her blog, Shmitten Kitten, to answer a few questions from us.

First of all, how tall are you? And how do you explain your obsession with men shorter than you, which is an ongoing theme in your book?


I'm 6-foot-1 which, as everyone tells me, is really tall for a woman. I've always loved shorter guys. The first time I remember noticing a hot short guy was Michael J. Fox in "Back to the Future." I was in third grade at the time and once I saw him in those purple Calvin Kleins, I was like, "I am definitely interested in everything I'm looking at here." I still am!

What is the best thing about dating? The worst?

The best thing about dating is the elation of discovering someone new. Riding in his car for the first time, hearing about his job after he has a tough day, meeting his little sister; those are exciting things in a way. It's an excuse to try new restaurants and expose someone to my favorite spots in town too. The worst part about dating is the awkwardness when a date doesn't go well and he's already incorporated into my social media world. I wish I could just erase him from all networks with one swipe!

Are you a better dater now that you're in your 30s? Or is it harder?

I'm a better dater in the sense that I know what it takes to have a successful date; paying attention to which bars and restaurants to suggest for a fun night. It's harder too because most men my age have either settled down or are so set in their ways that they don't open themselves up to meeting someone new.

You say you are terrible at being an adult. Why is that? What does it take to be a “good” adult, in your opinion?


I’m terrible at being an adult because I’ve regressed since I’ve been in my 30s. Adults create homes and affix works of art to their foyer walls; I’m still crashing at my parents’ place and I have band posters in my bedroom. I don’t have a job and I don’t have a boyfriend; two hallmarks of a stable, adult life. And, I feel like I’m not even close to having any of those things anytime soon.