He would have done anything to save his dying dog.

Without hesitating, Dusko Avramovic knelt on the slushy sidewalk early yesterday morning, pressing his lips to his Labradoodle named Mrak in a frantic attempt to deliver mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

“Anybody would do it for him,” Avramovic, 55, said. “He was a wonderful dog, a member of the family.”

Out for a 2 a.m. walk with Avramovic’s son, Darjan, Mrak dropped to the ground in anguished squeals after trotting over a metal hydro plate in the sidewalk. He was instantly electrocuted.

The plate, at the foot of a bus shelter near Annette and Keele streets, covers a junction box containing wires that feed equipment, such as traffic lights.

It short-circuited, Hydro officials said yesterday, giving the plate an electric charge.

Avramovic also received a shock when he pulled the dog from the plate to perform CPR.
Mrak is the second canine casualty of an electric shock within a two-block radius in the past two months.

Hydro crews disabled the faulty box yesterday morning and officials will trace all the electrical feeds to determine what went wrong.
Officials say the investigation could take a few days.

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