Ottawa’s police force is dealing with yet another cellblock video, just days after dramatic images of a woman in custody ignited criticism from a judge and “troubled” the premier.

A video from 2009 released yesterday shows homeless man Terry Delay being kicked by an officer as he’s dragged into a police cell.

Chief Vern White says the video may cause further public concerns about how Ottawa police officers deal with people in custody.

The Delay video comes on heels of video released last week of 27-year-old Stacy Bonds being kneed and having her clothes cut off in an Ottawa police station in 2008.

Charges against Bonds were stayed earlier this year by a judge who said he was “appalled” at her treatment and termed it an “indignity.”

Published reports say Delay was charged with assaulting the officer who kicked him, but that charge was stayed after a judge saw the video. The reports also say both Delay and Bonds were hit by the same officer — a special constable.

The Delay video “has been considered by the judge in the Stacy Bonds matter and as such is part of the ongoing Ontario Special Investigations Unit investigation,” White said yesterday in a release.

Ottawa police will not be making further comments until the SIU probe is completed, White said.

Video of Bonds’ 2008 strip search was released last Thursday after Justice Richard Lajoie’s decision last month to stay charges of public intoxication and assault.

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