Social At Le Magasin seems to be the hot eatery in town these days. Actor Devin Sawa was spotted enjoying oysters on the patio of the Gastown restaurant last Tuesday afternoon. The star of the original Final Destination (which many will remember shot in Vancouver) was with friends.




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Jude Law

Yet another DC Comics property is headed for the big screen — the latest via Vancouver. Warner Bros. is set to film Watchmen here beginning in September. Patrick Wilson, Jude Law and Jason Patric are all in talks to star in the project. In the story, the murder of an ex-superhero leads a vigilante named Rorshach to begin an investigation into the murder, which results in an even more terrifying conclusion.

And while we’re on the subject of DC Comics and superheroes, Smallville kicks off production on its seventh season this week, and word is there will be some major developments in the mythology, chief among them the arrival of Clark’s Kryptonian cousin, Kara, a.k.a. Supergirl. No word yet on casting, but apparently this Supergirl will be able to fly and can perform certain feats which Clark is not yet capable. Allegedly, Kara will appear in about half of the season’s episodes. The series has had a very successful run here in Vancouver, and was this year honored with five major Leo Awards, including Best Dramatic Series.

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Christopher Coppola

Finally, Christopher Coppola (Beowulf) has booked a role in Uwe Boll’s
Far Cry, now filming in town. Coppola stars opposite Til Schweiger in the videogame-based flick. Coppola’s previous credits with Boll include BloodRayne and Postal.