Biological Sciences Building centre of lockdown

Rafe Arnott/metro vancouver


A student leaves the Biological Sciences Building at UBC yesterday. Local authorities and campus security patrolled the area after a threat of an unknown nature prompted school officials to cancel classes in the building.



Students at the University of B.C. are grateful that the school is reacting seriously to the two threats it received in one week.


Classes were cancelled in the Biological Sciences Building of the Point Grey campus yesterday after the university received a threat from someone indicating that last Wednesday’s threat would be carried out that day.

"I’m glad that they’re taking it seriously," said Sangita Sequeira, an 18-year-old biochemistry student. "With Virginia Tech and stuff, you don’t want that happening here."

UBC spokesperson Scott Macrae said that though the second threat was non-specific, the decision to cancel classes in only the Biological Sciences Building was out of respect for what those students endured last Wednesday.

"This is really acknowledging what (they) went through," he said. "We’ve never had a lockdown on this campus, so people experienced a pretty upsetting thing."

Macrae said that in addition to having a heightened police presence, the university has asked students to be extra vigilant and report anything suspicious. He added that student reactions have been mixed, with some people choosing not to attend today and others being unfazed.

"I was a bit hesitant about coming to school today," said 18-year-old science student Daphne Cheng.

"But they said that there would be a lot of security around so I thought it’d be safe."

text alerts coming

  • UBC has been working on a campus-wide text-messaging system that would alert students of emergencies. Testing should begin next week.