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Anthrax rages on

In a recent interview, Scott Ian talked about Anthrax’s reunion withBelladonna, whether fatherhood has changed him and his disillusionmentwith the New York Yankees.

In a recent interview, Scott Ian talked about Anthrax’s reunion with Belladonna, whether fatherhood has changed him and his disillusionment with the New York Yankees.

What was it like when Joey first started working on the record after all those years apart?

He pretty much nailed it as far as I’m concerned, first time, on each song. What’s amazing is he only started singing nine out of the 10 of these songs like earlier this year, like December or January, and he sounds like he’s been singing them for 10 years, and I think that’s something that’s really, really hard to pull off, and he did it. Like, he owns the songs.

Anthrax has been together for so long. What were the most challenging years? Was there a time when you thought it was over?

I never wondered that. The hardest time for me in the history of Anthrax was trying to make our first album, that was the hardest time, because we were nobody, we were nothing. It wasn’t like we had a name or we were established or we knew anything about anything. ... Once we got our foot in the door, there was no way we were taking it out.

You recently did the Big Four concert in Yankee Stadium. I know you are a huge Yankee fan.

I am a huge Yankee fan, and I’m officially on strike until Alex Rodriguez is off the team. I have said it from the beginning, when they first got him, I was against it. I feel like he’s not a winner, he doesn’t belong on the team, he’s one of the most selfish players. ... The money this guy is getting paid, he should be hitting 80 home runs and driving in 300 runs a year. The guy didn’t even bat .300. ... I don’t know how you justify this. ... I can’t invest my time anymore in a team that is going to make those kind of decisions. ... There’s this whole Occupy Wall Street going on; I just wish all professional sports fans would just boycott going to the games.

What’s the most fun part about being a father?

It’s like a switch got thrown and this love, where it even comes from, as a father, I’m hard-wired for it. The love is insane. The feeling that it gives me every day just to look at him is something that wasn’t there before June 19. It’s just an incredible feeling. ... Here’s how it’s changed my rock life; here’s a sentence that I would have never said before June 19. It’s given me this unbelievable joy I’ve never felt before.

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