The anti-HST petition in B.C. has reached another milestone.

Organizer Chris Delaney says his group has signed up 10 per cent of registered voters in 56 B.C. ridings, or a total of about 400,000 names.

There are eight weeks to go in the drive to collect the names of 10 per cent of registered voters in all 85 ridings and Delaney says canvassers are on track for reaching that goal.

He also says the latest figures show a big jump in signatures in Vancouver and Burnaby, meaning those areas are now keeping pace with the rest of the province in terms of those opposed to the harmonized sales tax.

Delaney says the Fight-HST campaign has become much more than just a petition, and that it’s now a referendum on the tax and the government that brought it in. Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm says the B.C. government should repeal the tax.

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