It doesn’t matter how city council voted on Lansdowne Park, the opponents of the plan intend to continue their campaign against the development.

Friends of Lansdowne and the Centretown Citizens Coalition held a rally against the plan in front of city hall yesterday.

“The more people hear about what’s going on, the more they will be convinced this proposal should be cancelled because it doesn’t make any sense financially and it’s a bad deal for taxpayers,” said rally organizer Will Murray.

Murray said the vote cast by council yesterday was vague and when more details come out, more people will speak out against the plan.

“Are we moving the horticulture building? How much public money is actually at stake? We haven’t heard any answers to these legitimate questions,” said Murray. “There’s a lot that will happen before they put a mall in Lansdowne Park.”

Centretown Citizens Community Association president Shawn Menard urged people not to give up hope of reversing council’s decision.

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