After being convicted of blowing up an oil well back in 2001, eco-advocate Wiebo Ludwig is in trouble again after an altercation with two oil patch workers.


Ludwig, who has already served prison time, faces an aggravated assault charge in a provincial courtroom Aug. 1 after the confrontation with the two workers nearby his property last week outside of Hythe, Alta., according to the RCMP.


Oil-industry officials once accused Ludwig of being an eco-terrorist for sabotaging oil and gas equipment, while the 65-year-old has accused the industry of poisoning his family and farm through its sour gas wells nearby.


Ludwig was also investigated in relation to the shooting death of teenager Karman Willis back in 1991 who was allegedly joyriding on his property in the middle of the night.


  • Ludwig accuses the industry of poisoning his family and farm, and being responsible for his daughter's miscarriages, through its attempts to extract toxic sour gas from the Peace River region of Alberta.