A Nova Scotia anti-poverty group says the province didn’t go far enough with its investment in its poverty reduction plan strategy released last week.

The Community Coalition to End Poverty in Nova Scotia yesterday called for “substantive and strategic” investment immediately to help those in need now, and for the future.

A press release by the CCEP-NS says the government’s strategy “lacks focus” on those most in need and at higher risk.


Last Friday, the province announced a $155-million long-term plan to reduce poverty. That included $88 million for training workers with less than a Grade 12 education. It also includes $59 million for affordable/public housing, plus $2 million to increase the income assistance rate by CPI. There’s $3.5 million towards subsidizing day care and $2.5 million to expand Nova Scotia child benefit and low-income pharmacare.

While pleased with some of the initiatives, including the money for public housing, CCEP-NS chair Paul O’Hara sees the measures “as a small start in reducing poverty across the province.”

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