Rally Anti-Racist Action (ARA) is calling on friends and broader communities to join them in celebration of anti-racism.

The rally will take place on the steps of city hall this Sunday at 11 a.m.

“We want this rally to become a tradition and help to show that Calgary is not a place of intolerance,” said Jason Devine, spokesman for ARA While the event is planned to celebrate
cultural diversity, ARA encourages all who are willing to confront Aryan Guard or the Western European Bloodlines, if they choose to stage a countermarch.

“The confrontation is not in the sense of fighting or attacking neo-Nazis, but rather an obstruction to form a human barrier to prevent them from marching through our streets freely.”

Although last year the rally did have violence, ARA does not encourage it.

“We are not calling on people to engage in violence, though we believe we all have a right to self-defence,” he said.